MBC Position on Sadiq Khan

Position Paper: The Political Black Vote in the London Mayor Elections – SADIQ KHAN

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) of 2011, suggests the population of Black Londoners is just less than 50% and Operation Black Vote (OBV) has already produced important research ‘The Power of the Black Vote in 2015’ to reinforce the huge potential we have to influence the political direction of this country. In London where we are more concentrated, the Black Vote should be even more effective. The question is who should we vote for in these coming London Mayor Elections on the 5th May 2016?

As Momentum Black ConneXions, our commitment is to support the values upheld by Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the Labour Party. Clearly then, we do not encourage anyone who, like us, stresses the importance of politics from a Political Black Perspective, to undermine our MBC support for the current Labour Party leader by acting capriciously in choosing to vote rather arbitrarily for any candidate other than the one representing Jeremy Corbyn. The only reason we are asking you to vote for Sadiq Khan is because he is a Labour Party member representing Jeremy Corbyn. Paradoxically, as the only Black Muslim candidate, we could have asked you to vote for Sadiq Khan on that basis alone but we are not.

Momentum Black ConneXions is focused only upon the Politically Black Perspective which, among other things, advocates for and enhances the Black Power of our peoples in equity with others in and beyond the United Kingdom. Hence our recognition that the politics of Jeremy Corbyn (also a Londoner), are more favourable to us with the Internationalist substance of his Justice for all political standpoint, noteworthy elements to our liking of which include, for example, his anti-austerity position, defence of a genuine NHS, his call for a ‘free education’ and a National Education Service (NES), his (and Sadiq Khan’s) demand that private rent levels be capped, that affordable social housing be promoted with more council housing built for the needy, and that we end the dismantling and separation of poor Black and White London communities euphemistically called ‘social cleansing’, as engineered by Boris Johnson and his Conservative Government, to be continued in the same callously anti-people fashion of class war elitism by their candidate Zac Goldsmith if he got the chance!

However, we are not without our concerns, whilst calling for a vote in support of Sadiq Khan; his silence around Council Estate demolitions, the valid question about his loyalty to Jeremy Corbyn in terms of commitment to the New Politics and egalitarian values we of Momentum share with the current leader of, and other progressive forces in and outside, the Labour Party; and, yes, the negative responses in his name to our Political Black Perspective – all these serious matters raise our suspicions about his standpoint in relation to that of Jeremy Corbyn to the extent of demanding our alertness and vigilance! The imperatives of the honest straight-talking politics we of the MBC share with Jeremy Corbyn demand our open statement of this fact.

We are therefore urging ALL TO VOTE FOR SADIQ KHAN, with firm preparedness to critically engage with him after our victory and uncompromisingly challenge him with regard to the important aspects of his policies that affect the lives of many diverse Black Communities. Our victory will not only eliminate the threats of far worse dangers from opponents of what Momentum Black ConneXions is seeking to achieve from the office of the Mayor of London in terms of the right of all to the city, it will also put us in a stronger position to hold Sadiq Khan to account on the basis of the values we share with Jeremy Corbyn.

It will put us in a vantage position to enhance articulation of the immediate things for which all are asking. Moreover, it will also help us, from the metropolitan heart of the city still holding lots of what the British Empire has plundered, while continuing to design and impose austerity policies and even wars to enforce its Coloniality of Power upon the Black Peoples of the World, to amplify legitimate demands for Reparatory Justice, including complete Decolonization; particularly to eradicate racist Miseducation and promote Pluriversality for the genuine multicultural advancement of true Global Citizenship Education for the anti-racist civilizational enlightenment of all – thereby making London a model city of the values we share with Jeremy Corbyn.

We will not speak to you through rose-tinted glasses, but urge you to listen to the new leadership of the Labour Party in Jeremy Corbyn, together with whom Momentum Black ConneXions say: VOTE FOR SADIQ KHAN on Thursday, 5th May 2016, to make London the starting point of a new dawn of resurgent Peoples’ Power, including our Black Power!


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