Desperate Katy Ball @Steerpike

Danger! Danger! Black People Talking!!!!!

Surely there is enough ‘material’ out there in the world for Katy Ball, a journalist for the Spectator (so-called Steerpike), to do just a little more work and write something important or relevant to society or even to her readers than this? In fact, this non-story highlights the mixedracelow opinion she seems to have of them as well as of herself. Lazy.

I hope the irony has not been lost but Momentum Black ConneXions supports the values of Jeremy Corbyn and we look forward to him becoming Prime Minister of the United Kingdom against all Spectator determinations and terrifying expectations.

Pic of JC

Now here is the shock, Jeremy Corbyn is White. Please see immediately above. I have not chosen the best picture of him because I did not think it would be right to trick you but he remains white which ever way you look at him. Think Katy – slowly – think!!!

2015-11-16 17.51.07



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