As agreed by the Momentum Black ConneXions-Interim Steering Committee (MBC-ISC), the admission of persons into the membership of our MBC must be utilised for building the glocal branches of our still emergent organisation. Discussions so far in the meetings of our MBC Interim Steering Committee (MBC-ISC) have already provided the basis for the more concrete stipulation of steps leading to the full admission of members. Hence the following outlining of the steps that are necessary, in terms of purposeful truthfulness, qualitative integrity and wise security, for building the membership by formally admitting interested people into the MBC in addition to the current Leadership members.

(1) The establishment of an MBC Membership Admissions and Cadre Training Task Action Group (MBC-MACTTAG) from among current members of the MBC-ISC, comprising of:  Althea Gordon-Davidson, Lead Facilitator for Education and Training; Shemi Leira, Lead Facilitator for Finance and Social Enterprising; Kofi Mawuli Klu, Lead Facilitator for International Relations; Simeon Stanford, Co-Lead Facilitator for Youth Affairs; and Toyah Smith, Co-Lead Facilitator for Youth Affairs. The Coordinator of the MBC-MACTTAG is better advisable to be Sister Althea Gordon-Davidson.


(2) The Coordinator of the MBC-MACTTAG, Althea Gordon-Davidson, assisted by Simeon Stanford and Kofi Mawuli Klu, should carefully study, with all the required creativity in utilising appropriate sources of knowledge and means of research and communications, the available information on the Facebook members of the MBC Support Auxiliary Network (MBC-SAN). This study ought to inform the identification of those who can be justifiably selected for more appropriate interview and encouragement to learn and train to become MBC Glocal Action Learning Post-Servers (MBC-GALPS) in a local electoral constituency or grouping of such constituencies in and beyond the United Kingdom.


(3) An MBC Candidate GALPS-in-Training must be guided by the MBC-MACTTAG Coordinator, assisted by other MBC members specially assigned from within and beyond the MBC-MACTTAG, to engage in the diligent Action Learning study of the meaning, from the standpoint of the MBC-ISC, of the Constitution and other most important documents on the Vision, Aims and Objectives, Programmatic Platform and Strategy and Tactics of the MBC as a whole. Monitoring interviews by at least three (3) members of the MBC-MACTTAG should lead to acceptance or otherwise of such a Candidate to qualify for the full membership of the MBC; and thus gaining eligibility to appointment as an MBC-GALPS for a particular local electoral constituency or grouping of such constituencies in and beyond the United Kingdom.


(4) A confirmed MBC-GALPS must, in collaboration with the MBC-MACTTAG Coordinator, supervise the selection, training and direction of interested appropriate persons to constitute the MBC Glocal Action Learning Expansion Rippling Nucleus (MBC-GALERN) in a specific local electoral constituency or grouping of such constituencies in and beyond the United Kingdom.

(5) An MBC-GALERN that has successfully, upon the verification and approval of the MBC-MACTTAG, organically grown to a membership number of at least Fifteen (15) persons in a local electoral constituency, or grouping of such constituencies in and beyond the United Kingdom, shall be formally constituted, upon an official decision of endorsement by the MBC-ISC as a whole, into an MBC Glocal Exponential Branch (MBC-GEB).

(6) Such an MBC-GEB shall assist the MBC-MACTTAG and the Executive Directorate of the Popular Educational Complex of Black Empowerment Action Learning (PECOBEAL) in the setting up, running and development of PECOBEAL Curves of Black Power Internationalist Conscientization (PECOBEAL-COBPICs) in their own local electoral constituency or grouping of such constituencies.

(7) The main work of an MBC-GEB shall be the scouting, identification, recruitment, training and deployment of potential MBC Cadres. Accordingly, an MBC-GEB shall endeavour to properly direct such potential as well as already duly qualified and registered MBC Cadres to work in MBC Glocal Action Learning Work and Study Teams (MBC-GALWASTs). The main efforts of members of an MBC-GALWAST shall include helping to design, carry out and promote the PECOBEAL Mass Educational Rippling Black Power Internationalist Knowledge Advancement Productions (PECOBEAL-MERBPIKAPs) as relevant to the aims and objectives of the MBC.

Esther Stanford-Xosei, Co-Chair, Interim Steering Committee, Momentum Black ConneXions (MBC-ISC)

Agreed by the MBC-ISC in July 2016

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