Aims and Objectives of Momentum Black ConneXions


The MBC was formed in December 2015 with the express purpose of connecting, through Momentum, the Black Power politics of Black communities of resistance, in and Beyond Britain, into the progressive politics of the wider Labour Movement and society within and beyond the United Kingdom.

Momentum Black ConneXions (MBC) is an independently self-organising, autonomous and self-determining Black Power constituency within the network of people and organisations to continue the energy and enthusiasm of Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign. We are committed to advancing Black Power perspectives on the 10 priorities that Jeremy Corbyn has identified as his own standpoint: http://jeremycorbyn.org.uk/priorities/

We declare the following platform of MBC with reference to what Momentum as a whole has officially proclaimed as what it is about:http://www.peoplesmomentum.com/about

How MBC Defines Political Blackness

Black includes those that do not regard themselves as white and are not treated as being white. White connotes those that are readily identifiable as having a European ethnicity and who would ordinarily be recognised as such. Ordinarily includes European white identities that might be associated to those at birth as well as those that are seen as white in the course of everyday life experiences.

“The Momentum Black ConneXions (MBC) upholds ‘Black’ in the best tradition of its long-held political definition in the historical and contemporary experiences of our Communities of Resistance against Racism, in its various manifestations, and in defence of all human, peoples’ and Mother Earth rights in and beyond the United Kingdom.
Whilst MBC supports the broad principles of Momentum, as the successor to the campaign to elect Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the Labour Party, we demand, and shall ensure that the vision, principles, structures, programmes and activities of Momentum reflect all the progressive forces and interests that have contributed to building the Labour Party and the wider Labour Movement from which it has grown. These include the Black Power contributions from Black communities of resistance in and beyond Britain. For example, the resistance ideas and organising efforts by Black people in the colonies and their manifestations in the metropolis and how the Labour Movement made use of this to strengthen its position here in the UK”.

What does MBC want to do?

MBC supports Momentum in carrying out the things we have agreed it has to do to create a mass movement for transformative change. We will, therefore, organise to do the following:

  • Contribute to building mass support among Black communities to secure victories for the causes we share with Jeremy Corbyn including his becoming Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.
  • Influence all local, national and international policies, particularly those relating to Europe and the Commonwealth, from politically Black perspectives with an emphasis on an intersectionality approach to defending all human, peoples and Mother Earth rights.
  • Support our communities to harness and exercise their Black Power towards achieving the reparatory justice redistribution of wealth and power from the few to the many in local, national and international dimensions.
  • Increase Black political representation at local, national and international levels.
  • Work to achieve Black political representation which honestly reflects the self-determined politics and demographics of Black populations across Britain.
  • Advocate for Black political representatives to reflect Black political perspectives in substance and not merely Black representation as a statistical quota.
  • Ensure that Parliament reflects the percentage of Black communities and that our representation is at least proportionate to our demographics.

The MBC does not assume Black politicians necessarily represent a ‘Black perspective’ unless they have been specifically elected to do so and duly act as such. Accordingly, we will ensure that the radical ‘Black Power’ traditions of anti-racism, anti-imperialism, decolonisation, reparatory justice, national and social liberation in the self-determining perspectives of socialist orientation will be upheld, defended and advanced in all Momentum endeavours. For these are some of the inalienable principle standpoints from which those we uphold as our model Black freedom fighting champions have made their most meaningful contributions to the Labour Party and the wider Labour Movement in the best interests of our Black communities. This is a vital part of our mission in mobilising, within and beyond our Black communities to support the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn and strengthen the progressive might of the Labour Party. It is on this basis that MBC will actively participate in Momentum activities of support for the Labour Party winning elections and re-entering government to deliver on its promises. For us, the promises upon which we shall insist the Labour Party delivers in government must include demands from our Black Power agendas of anti-racism, intersectional equity, reparatory justice and all other elements of holistic global justice.

How will MBC do what we have said we will do?

  • MBC will create a national structure and organisation that encourages glocal democratic engagement from the grassroots up.
  • Our way of doing what we advocate Momentum must do emphasises bringing the self-conscientising grassroots of our communities into critical engagement with the Labour Party and the Wider Labour Movement.
  • We will organise and mobilise around the primary issues of concern and priority to our communities.
  • We will operate in ways that ensure that Black people exercise our own agency by independently asserting our Black Power to complete the tasks of total Black liberation in its local, national and international dimensions.
  • We will work with all groups/organisations and political parties whose aims and objectives include those in consonance with ours.
  • We will work and seek solidarity with trade unions and encourage them to promote community unionism in Black perspectives.
  • We will communicate at all local, national and international levels directly as well as through media and social networking.

MBC will do all of the above in such ways as to strengthen our Black Power contributions to the intersectional equitable transformation of society in and beyond Britain, in the best interests of our Black communities, in harmony with all others. Our how will also emphasise the kind of political education for MBC members, as well as the entire membership of Momentum as a whole and society in general that will elucidate the progressive politics of the Labour Party and the wider Labour Movement in radical Black perspectives. We in MBC recognise examples of such perspectives as including the political Black Power discourses of Black Consciousness, Black Internationalism, Intersectionality, Pan-Africanism, Sumak Kawsay, Swaraj Consciousness and their like.